Rachel is a recent graduate from the Glasgow School of Art, 2015. She is a jeweller, designer and maker from the Scottish Northern Isles of Orkney, who creates pieces which balance  material, pressure and tension. 

Drawing is an integral part of her design process. She transfers the tangibility and immediacy of the sketchbook, along with the private and controlled nature of the sketchbook into her own work.


Her pieces are mainly constructed from silver and gold wire frames with tension set wound papers which are hand dyed and wound individually to create intricate patterns incorporating the flaws and ripples. Using papers which has little value in them selves but when manipulated and contained within a controlled setting have greater meaning and preciousness. By using paper, her pieces have a limited lifetime and it is the wearing away of the precious papers within a materially precious band that builds interest. The piece is always under tension and stress, but aesthetically complete.

Rachel's latest collections are inspired by the connection between the wearer and their chosen trinket. The layers of meaning and attachment held in the simplicity of a single loop.

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